The blueprints for Acessory Display Buildings are purchased at the Architect on Larona Village.

Once obtained, the plans must be placed on a open plot in Accordia and then built by the Grout Brothers using various supplies.

The same process is repeated for all of the Acessory Display Buildings but with different building materials.

Acessory Display Buildings require a 2x2 plot of land to be built on.

Acessory Display Buildings blueprints cost 4,000 Coins for each one.

Acessory Display Buildings have a value of 500 Prestige for each one.

Acessory Display Buildings must be completed before items can be stored in it.

Type of
House of Glasses Face Attire 3 Stonefish
1 Screw
3 Sawdust
24 hours
House of Clothing Body Attire 3 Stonefish
2 Purple Paints
2 Reinforced Wood Pieces
24 hours
House of Hats Head Attire 3 Stonefish
1 Narwhal Horn
2 Reinforced Wood Pieces
24 hours

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