Speak to Cuthbert Pawmaster on Whiseman Reef.

He can be found in the main building on the island, in the far left room just inside.

Cuthbert Pawmaster is a self described Nature Enthusiast!

He needs the player's help to create a collection of the Land Animals found throughout the game.

Each time the player spots a new Land Animal he or she needs for the collection, a photo should be taken using the camera!

Since the camera only comes with 2 free save spaces (additional spaces available for 50 pearls each), the player will need to return to Cuthbert Pawmaster once 2 new animals are photographed.

He will delete the photos from the camera storage when they are handed over to him.

The player should make sure to save the photos to his or her device before speaking to him!

Land Animals can be found on most of the islands, except for Accordia.

There is no time limit for the Animal Identification challenge, so the player can enjoy using the new camera!

Certain Animals are only out at night time or in the morning, so don't expect to get them all right away although it may be possible.

Tip: After taking a photo check to make sure the animal wanted is actually visible and identified by the game controls.

To check the player should tap on the animal within the image and if a name appears, such as "Cornsnake" or "Rat", then the picture is good to go!

Some animals are rather tricky to get an acceptable photo of, so the player may have to take (and delete) quite a few images before he or she gets one that tags the animal.

Sometimes fuzzy photos are acceptable or really great pics wont work so the player will have to play around with the camera.

Animal Collection Album (Spoilers!)

The collection album will be blank initially, but as the player finds new animals they will be added to the album.

It seems the actual photos will not be viewable unless they are saved to the player's device.

There is a shadow image of each creature needed, so the player may be able to guess which animals he or she will need to look for.


  • Head into the room on the left
  • Cuthbert in his study
  • Giving a photo will usually remove it from your storage slot
  • Animal Collection top page...
  • Animal collection page 2


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