The player is first introduced to the Archeon Puzzle after Dr Cornelius sends the player on a quest to solve it and unlock the inner chambers of Archeon Temple.

The Archeon Puzzle is located inside the Archeon Temple on the Archeon Temple Ruins.

The Archeon Puzzle looks like a grid of stone like the Archeon Code, but without the key above it.

When approached after having a photo of the Archeon Code a screen appears with the Archeon Puzzle on the left unsolved, and the photo of code on the right.

The player must shift the stone squares on the grid to match the photo on the Archeon Code.

Alternatively, the Archeon Puzzle may be skipped for the price of 4 Pearls.

To solve the Archeon Puzzle the player must:

  • Shift the center tile upward one space
  • Shift the bottom-middle tile which is the one with the eye upward one space
  • Shift all of the perimeter tiles clockwise until the sun with the pyramid on it is in the bottom-left corner

Upon completion of doing this the inner chamber of the Archeon Temple will open.

Once the player solves the Archeon Puzzle the player must return to Dr Cornelius.



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