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Bella McFerret can be found walking around Smuggler's Den on Dorado Mine.

The player may perform one Smuggler-Quest per day for Bella McFerret.

Smuggler-Quest 1Edit

When approached Bella McFerret says:

  • How are you with live cargo? We've got a client on <Insert Location Name> who collects rare critters and I've got their latest purchase right here."
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Nope" is selected Bella McFerret says:

  • "I'm sure you have your reason, but take it from me - smugglers who reject an easy payday raise suspsicion. Let's hope you've got nothing to hide..."

If "Sure!" is selected then Bella McFerret a side-quest appears to smuggle a Strange Animal.

Upon approaching her with after delivering the Strange Animal Bella McFerret says:

  • "Our client was singing your praises, <Insert Player's Name> - keep it up, and you'll be a true Elite Smuggler!"

Bella McFerret then gives the player the reward for the side-quest.

If the player already has Smuggling Quest Bella McFerret will say:

  • "I'd love you to help with this sensitive delivery, but looks like you already have an active Smuggling Quest.



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