Bertha Clink is first seen on Larona Village and is sought after because Emelia Quickblade requests the player to talk and help her.

Bertha Clink is located in front the Larona Village Jail on Larona Village in the top left quadrant.

When first approached Bertha Clink says:

  • "H-hi! Hm? Jumpy? Who's jumpy? Not me, no sir, no way."
  • "Certainly n-nothing to do with a dangerous criminal breaking out of here on my watch. W-why would that matter?"
  • "The real problem is that the prison wall needs repairing, but I can't abandon my post. Do you think you could help out, kid?"
  • "I think 3 Planks will do the trick... You're really helping me out of a pickle, short stuff."

The player then receives a quest to give her three wood planks.

Upon returning with the three wood planks Bertha Clink says:

  • "The jail is currently, er, over-ventilated, Did you get me 3 Planks so I can improve air circulation for our tenants?"

After the player gives the three wood planks over to Bertha Clink she says:

  • "Good as new. The Super won't suspect a thing!"

Bertha Clink then gives the player the reward for the quest.

Bertha Clink then says the following:

  • "Well, he won't when I've recaptured our fugitive... Sigh. Thanks kid - I'll let you know if there's anything else I need help with."

Bertha Clink then reenters the Larona Village Jail.

The next time Bertha Clink is spoken to she is in the Larona Village Jail.

Side-Quest 1Edit

When approached Bertha Clink says:

  • "We've had another escape! The fugitive was spotted on Woodcutt Isle - bring them in!"
  • "Don't even think of tracking them down unless you have a Warrior with you..."
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then a side-quest appears to bring back the fugitive.

When approached with the fugitive Bertha Clink says the following:

  • "Justice has prevailed. I hope that's our last escapee..."

Bertha Clink then gives the player the reward for the side-quest.

The fugitive is then standing behind the counter with Bertha Clink in the Larona Village Jail.

If spoken to right after this Bertha Clink says:

  • "I mean, I wouldn't say a lot of our prisoners escape, but..."



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