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Brian Tarvu can be found walking around the beach in the bottom right quadrant on Sunsoak Lagoon.

Side-Quest 1Edit

When approached Brian Tarvu says:

  • "Word has it that business on Accordia is booming! I only hope that supply is matching demand."
  • "Tell you what - supply your Fishmonger with 2 fresh catches and I'll make my own contribution to your flourishing economy."
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then Brian Tarvu a side-quest appears to supply the fishmonger two times.

Upon approaching him with after supplying Gregor Monkfish two times Brian Tarvu says:

  • "I hope you've learned a a valubale lesson today - keep your stalls stocked, and your pockets full of coins!"

Brian Tarvu then gives the player the reward for the side-quest.



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