A camera is asked for by Katherine Mary Featherwing.

Dr. Cornelius at the Archeon Temple Ruins is the one that provides the player a camera and adds quests to the main quest line.

Using The CameraEdit

The camera can store two photos at a time, and extra slots are available for 50 Pearls each.

Non-Playable Characters may also request photos of specific places, non-playable characters, items, and wildlife in exchange for rewards.

Photos can be deleted from the camera at any time by tapping the trash can icon in the camera menu.

The player can also take selfies by pressing the rotate camera icon in the camera menu.

Any photo taken can be saved to the player's device, emailed, or messaged by selecting the arrow icon in the camera menu.

Using the camera can help identify content in Seabeard even if the player does not choose to save the photo taken.

Identification ChallengesEdit

The Land Animal Identification and Bird Identification challenges become available after unlocking the camera.

Once the player submits a photo for the Identification Challenges, it will be removed from the camera storage.


  • Cuthbert Pawmaster
  • Katherine Mary Featherwing
  • "Bring me a photo of a tent!"
  • Giving a photo will remove it from the storage slot
  • Selfie Example on Sunsoak Lagoon


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