The player's Captain crew member is himself or herself.

This Crew Member is obtained by beginning the game.

This character can be customized with clothing and accessories.

The Captain can be upgraded by completing quests and side-quests for various non-playable characters in Seabeard.

Below is how much experience is required for the Captain to level up and unlock new furniture, clothing, and accessories.

Captain Level Experience Needed To Next Level
Level 1 25 EXP
Level 2 50 EXP
Level 3 75 EXP
Level 4 100 EXP
Level 5 200 EXP
Level 6 400 EXP
Level 7 600 EXP
Level 8 800 EXP
Level 9 1,000 EXP
Level 10 1,200 EXP
Level 11 1,600 EXP
Level 12 1,900 EXP
Level 13  ??? EXP
Level 14  ??? EXP
Level 15  ??? EXP
Level 16  ??? EXP
Level 17  ??? EXP
Level 18  ??? EXP
Level 19 5,200 EXP
Level 20 8,000 EXP



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