The Collosso Crypt is the last chamber in the Archeon Temple on Archeon Temple Ruins.

If approached prior to unlocking it a notice appears which states:

  • "Traveller, should you reach this door, Know this: (The rest is too faint to read)"

To unlock the Collosso Crypt the player must do place the two pedestals on the platforms to each side of it.

The Archeon Three-head Statue is placed on the pedestal platform to the left.

The Archeon Three-tail Statue is placed on the pedestal platform to the right.

Upon placing the second pedestal the chamber unlocks and Dr Cornelius's quest to solve the Collosso Crypt is completed.

Inside the Collosso Crypt are three Rock Golems, some dirt piles, an Archeon Priest Statue, a copper key treasure chest and two Giant Handcuffs.



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