The Fish Fountain is first seen in ruins in the Scholar District of Accordia.

After Rudolf Taleweaver sends the player on a quest to repair the Fish Fountain an icon with a hardhat and sledgehammer appear in a bubble.

If tapped on the player is notified that two Stonefish, two Rock Golem Powders, one Rock Cake, and 1,500 Coins are needed for the repair.

After selecting to to repair an option to use 14 Pearls is offered to speed up the process.

The entire process will take 8 hours to complete if it is not sped up.

Once the construction is complete a tent is placed over the space the rubble was and a bubble with a hardhat and sledge hammer appear.

After tapping the bubble the Fish Fountain is revealed. The Fish Fountain resembles the existing fountain on Whiseman Reef.

The Fish Fountain adds a value of 180 prestige to Accordia. The Fish Fountain is merely a decoration; it does not have a purpose otherwise.

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