Gorka Gertcha can be found standing inside the Smuggler's Den on Dorado Mine.

Gorka Gertcha is blocking the entrance into Smuggler's Den with velvet ropes on each side of him.

When approached Gorka Gertcha says:

  • "HALT! Members only past this point - and you certainly ain't no member."
  • "This place ain't open to anyone but Elite Smugglers. And there's only one way to be come an Elite Smuggler, mate..."
  • "Our fabulous membership package! I'm Gorka, head of the Dorado Smuggling Club sales team! What, did you think I was a doorman?"
  • "Sign up to the Dorado Smuggling Club Elite Smuggler scheme for access to exclusive Smuggling Quests every night!"
  • "When you're not smuggling, put your feet up in our member's lounge, or use our whizzy Cookomatic to craft your favorite recipes!"
  • "Join today, and receive a Smuggler's Den Mask and 3 Boat Refuel Badges absolutely free! How do we do it?!"
  • "As luck would have it, we're offering 50% off our usual joining fee, so you'd get all this for just 50 Pearls! Whaddaya say?"
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then the player gives away 50 Pearls to gain access to the Smuggler's Den.

Gorka Gertcha then says the following:

  • "Welcome Elite Smuggler <Insert player's name>! Mmm... Sounds powerful."
  • "Please accept this complimentary Smuggler's Den Mask and make yourself at home!"
  • "I'm sure you're keen to take on your first Smuggling Quest - talk to my delightful colleagues Pancho and Bella, who'll be happy to assist."

Gorka Gertcha then moves out of the way and the player may enter the Smuggler's Den.

The player also receives the Smuggler's Den Mask in his or her Inventory at this time.



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