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Gunnar Slammer is located in front the Ironblack City Jail on Ironblack City in the top right quadrant.

Side-Quest 1Edit

When approached Gunnar Slammer says:

  • "One of our inmates was last sighted stowing away on a boat headed to Whiseman Reef..."
  • "Hunt them down before they make a clean getaway and make sure you have a Warrior in tow."
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then a side-quest appears to bring back the fugitive.

When approached with the fugitive Gunnar Slammer says the following:

  • "Much obliged. I fear it won't be our last breakout."

Gunnar Slammer then gives the player the reward for the side-quest.

The fugitive is then standing behind the counter with Gunnar Slammer in the Ironblack City Jail.

If spoken to right after this Gunnar Slammer says:

  • "You're my new number one fugitive hunter."



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