The Ironblack City Tavern is located on Ironblack City in the bottom right quadrant.

A Doza named Thorn Gristle runs the Ironblack City Tavern. If the players talks to him, Thorn Gristle will say:

  • "Yorubo Grog? It paleth in comparison to our thplendid thstuff!"

He will also mention that Phillip Gastrognome can teach the player to make "thirtht quenchers."

Another Doza named Hemut Glugg can be found dancing in front of the tavern counter. He sometimes will give the player smuggle missions at night.

Doza Grog Edit

The tavern has a Doza grog maker that requires one Black Goosefruit, that can be found on Goosefruit trees.



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