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Katherine Mary Featherwing is first seen on Larona Village in the B.E.A.K.S. Club House with the telescope, and she has a green star above her head.

The first thing Katherine Mary Featherwing say when approached is:

  • "Welcome to the Bird Examining Authority's Kids' Spotting Club, or BEAKS for short! We think birdwatching is the coolest!"
  • "We're not after new members at the moment, unless you have one of those Cameras we've heard about, of course. Nobody has one!"
  • "That thing's a revolution in bird-likeness-capturing technology. Come back if you somehow find yourself in possession of one!"

Upon approaching Katherine Mary Featherwing after receiving a Camera from Dr Cornelius she says:

  • "Welcome back, Hatchling <Insert player's name>!"
  • "Have you come bearing a new snap of a feathered friend?"
  • Two options appear with "Give Photo" and "View Collection"

If "Give Photo!" is selected then Katherine Mary Featherwing then the player is able to drag the photo over to Katherine Mary Featherwing.

Upon receiving the new photo Katherine Mary Featherwing says the following:

  • "My, my, my! A beautiful Pink Songbird, clear as day! You really are a talent. That's another one to tick off the list."

A screen then appears with the catalogue of found birds and the number of photos the player has turned in for each individual bird appears.

Upon closing the catalogue Katherine Mary Featherwing says the following:

  • "Absolutely starling, sorry, sterling work Hatchling <Insert player's name> - I simply can't wait to see what you up with next!"

If "View Collection" is selected then Katherine Mary Featherwing then a screen opens for the player to see the catalog of birds he or she turned photos in for.

Upon closing the catalogue Katherine Mary Featherwing says the following:

  • "See you soon! I hope I don't have to wait too long to see your next submission..."



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