Monster Parts can be found and sold at the Monster Parts Stall on Accordia.

Various monster parts can be found by defeating monsters.

Some monster parts need to be crafted at the Woodcutter, Bullhorn Farm Windmill, or the Larona Village Restaurant to be obtained.

The following are specific monster part items which can be found and the prices they can be sold for along with how long it takes to sell them.

Monster Parts Table
Selling Price Time To Sell
Dark Gnome Hat
5 Coins 3 Seconds
Dark Gnome Hand
25 Coins 15 Minutes
Rock Golem Moss
10 Coins 3 Seconds
Rock Golem Piece
50 Coins 2 Hours

Crafted Monster PartsEdit

Monster Parts Table
Selling Price Time To Sell
Rock Golem Powder
180 Coins 6 Hours
Green Paint
50 Coins  ?? Seconds
Rock Cake
100 Coins  ?? Minutes



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