Phillipe Gastrognome is first seen on Abundore Quarry and is sought after because Geodo Pickmason requests the player to talk to learn how to make a Power Shake.

Phillipe Gastrognome is located in the Maison de Gastrognome on Abundore Quarry in the top right quadrant.

When first approached Phillipe Gastrognome says:

  • "Leave me be, can't you see I'm CREATING? Speak to my assistant"

The player then has to talk to Mirella Gourmet in the front of the restaurant.

Upon returning from the quest line given by Mirella Gourmet and Ursula Umami the player may learn recipes from Phillipe Gastrognome

When approached Phillipe Gastrognome says the following:

  • "You wish to be taught by the master? Prepare your skills to grow ever vaster!"

A menu will open up to choose a recipe to learn!

After selecting the Power Shake under "Liquid Fury" to learn the recipe the player spends 1,250 coins and a reward message pops up.

Phillipe Gastrognome then says the following:

  • "That one's a delight, though the ingredients put up quite a fight..."

The player then has to return to Geodo Pickmason .

When approached again to learn new recipes Phillipe Gastrognome will say the same dialogue as with learning the Power Shake recipe.

He will then open the recipe list of recipes to select a recipe from to learn how to craft.

When closing the menu without learning anything Phillipe Gastrognome says:

  • "You think you know enough? You do not!"

Phillipe Gastrognome will allow players to learn how to craft and craft anytime after this.



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