Power Shake need to be learn when requested by Geodo Pickmason on Gaedo Fort.

The player need to finish all the quest given by Mirella Gourmet and Ursula Umami before able to learn the recipe.

After finishing all the quest given by Mirella Gourmet and Ursula Umami, the player may now learn Power Shake recipes from Phillipe Gastrognome  on Abundore Quarry.

When approached Phillipe Gastrognome says the following:

  • "You wish to be taught by the master? Prepare your skills to grow ever vaster!"

A menu will open up to choose a recipe to learn.

After selecting the Power Shake under "Liquid Fury" to learn the recipe a reward message pops up.

  • "You learned to make Power Shake!"

    To learn the recipe it costs 1,250 coins.

    Power Shake can be sold at the Food Stall.

Two Doza Grog , two Grog and two Orefish are required to produce a Power Shake.

It takes 6 hour 15 minutes to craft, and trades for 250 coins.

To craft Power Shake the player can go to the restaurant at Larona Village or Ironblack City or player can also go to the Smuggler's Den at Dorado Mine with the required items.

The player then has to drag the icon over to the orange tray for crafting to begin.

When an Power Shake is ready it can be picked up at where the player craft it.



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