Sarah Salvager can be found standing on the docks in at Seadog Cove.

When approached Sarah Salvager says:

  • "Hello there! I couldn't help but notice that you're slightly encumbered by all that stuff you're carrying..."
  • "Well what if I told you that I knew of a way to lighten your load and get great new stuff in return?"
  • "Yes, thought that would interest you. Well come with me - I've got something to show you that will blow your mind!"

Sarah Salvager then leads the player to the Remaker in the middle of Seadog Cove.

When approached in front of the Remaker Sarah Salvager says:

  • "Ta-daa! The legendary Seadog Cove ReMaker is fully operational - and it's all thanks to yours truly!"
  • "Why the blank face? Surely you must have heard of this incredible piece of Doza wizardry...?"
  • "Clearly not. Sigh. Well the important thing is that it's back in service after spending four long years in a state of disrepair."
  • "What does it do? It turns your junk into funk...y new items. (Hmm, neds work.) It's remarkable - ReMakerble even!"
  • "Don't ask how it works - just try it out. Tap on the ReMaker to start it up, then offload your unwanted items to receive a prize!"

If the player approaches Sarah Salvager again right after this she says:

  • "The better stuff you put in, the better the prize that comes out. You could win huge furniture, coins, masks - even pearls!"



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