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Seabeard Manor is located in the back of the Trader District on Accordia.

To unlock the quest to repair Seabeard Manor the player must complete a series of quests given by Emelia Quickblade.

After completing the quests given by Emelia Quickblade, Rudolf Taleweaver will give the player a series of quests needed to gather some of the required items for rebuilding Seabeard Manor.

The supplies needed to rebuild Seabeard Manor are:

Seabeard Manor take 8 hours to construct.

The Seabeard Manor has a value of 430 Prestige.

The player completes "Seabeard Manor Returns" Reward once this is built.



This is a simultaneous task:

  • Rebuild Seabeard Manor (Rudolf Taleweaver)
  • Construct Another Crew House, to gain your next crew member: a warrior (Emilia Quickblade)

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