Smuggler's Den can be found in the bottom left quadrant of Dorado Mine.

The outside appearance looks like a skull in the side of a cliff.

There are three bushes blocking the entrance, but if the player removes the center bush he or she may walk inside.

Inside are two non-playable characters which are Pancho Rumrunner and Bella McFarret and they both give smuggling side-quests to Avoid Security.

Upon entering there are velvet ropes and a non-playable character named Gorka Gertcha blocking the entrance.

To gain access to the Smuggler's Den the player must become an Elite Smuggler by joining the Dorado Smuggling Club.

It cost 50 Pearls to join, but the player will also receive a Smuggler's Den Mask which is worth three markers towards the crew badge which refuels the player's boat more quickly.

Also, inside is a second Cookomatic for recipes like the one in the Larona Village Restaurant.

There is a treasure chest inside which requires an iron key to unlock as well.




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