Storm Girder is first seen on Ironblack City in the center of Doza Architect.

Storm Girder runs the Doza Architect and sometimes asks for side-quests to be completed for her.

Side-Quest 1Edit

When approached Storm Girder says:

  • "I'm exploring the theme of 'Outdoors, Indoors'. Fusion of nature and industrial design."
  • "You have a camera? Heard good things. Take a picture of Lemming. Inspiration."
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then Storm Girder then a side-quest appears to give her a photo of a Lemming.

Upon approaching Storm Girder with the photo of a Lemming she says:

  • "Do you have the picture?"
  • Two options appear with "Nope" and "Sure!"

If "Sure!" is selected then Storm Girder then the player has to drag over the photo to her and he says if it is good enough:

  • "Good. Very good. You have pleased me."

Storm Girder then gives the player the reward for the side-quest.

If Storm Girder is approached again at Ironblack City after giving her the photo he says the following:

  • "I remain pleased."



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