The StoryTronic 2000 is located on Larona Village in Town Hall.

It is located the right side of Town Hall and if tapped on will tell stories from the past or legends of old.

While the story is being told different images appear in the background on the StoryTronic 2000.

Each line in the story has a different image that goes along with it.

Story Option 1Edit

If tapped on the StoryTronic 2000 will say the following:

  • "Presenting the Tale of Seabeard's Epic Battle with Colosso!"
  • "With his fierce and brave crew, Seabeard threw all his power against the beast."
  • "Colosso fell back in the face of this assault!"
  • "Had they succeeded? Was the beast truly defeated?"
  • "But no, Colosso rose again, even stronger than before...but they lacked the strength to repel the attack!"
  • "Their boat, Matilda, was hurled against the city of Accordia, smashing into many pieces..."
  • "That was the last time that Seabeard was seen, and Accordia was left in ruins - deserted by its people..."



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