The Sunsoak Lagoon Restaraunt is located on Sunsoak Lagoon in the top-right quadrant.

It is used learn tropical recipes and buy clothing items.

It is operated by Debra Mangosteen on the right.

Recipes must first be purchased from Debra Mangosteen before items can be crafted at the Larona Village Restaurant.

It is operated by Frank Cottoncloth on the left.

Various Holiday Clothing items may be purchased at the Sunsoak Lagoon Restaraunt from him.

If the player does not have enough currency, room in the inventory, is not a high enough level yet, or the clothing item does not fit or meet a different requirement then it can not be purchased.

The stock at Sunsoak Lagoon Restaraunt rotates and changes each day.

A timer counting down to the reset is located in the middle of the Sunsoak Lagoon Restaraunt.



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