Tentacle Terror is a mini-game which is completed as one of the Sailing Challenges to get from a certain island to another. The player needs to shoot at open suction cups on a tentacle

The tentacles are purple and open after appearing if not shot accurately you will be inkjet.


Tentacle Terror prizes vary depending on placement and difficulty.

Below are examples of prizes which can be rewarded for completing Tentacle Terror:

  • Only one prize can be earned at a time and it may variate within the difficulty completed.
  • Only gold chests give items, All other chests give coins.
Placement Prize Difficulty
Gold Tentacle
Sea Salt
Gold Any Prior Prize
Any Special Prize
1 Pearl (Really Rare)
Gold Any Prior Prize
Any Special Prize
1 Pearl (Rare)


Tentacle Terror occurs when sailing between these islands:

Departing Island Arriving Island Difficulty
Accordia Woodcutt Isle Easy



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