Treasure Chest
A treasure chest seen in Abundore Quarry
Item Treasure Chests
Type Treasure Chests
Location Dorado Mine (caves)

Archeon Temple Ruins (inside)

Abundore Quarry (caves)

Related Iron KeyCopper Key

Bronze Key

Treasure Chests are unlocked by using keys.

The player is first introduced to a treasure chest when Rudolf Taleweaver gives the player a key to unlock one. Along with the key he instructs the player to go to the cave by the docks on Accordia to find a treasure chest.

If an item is in the treasure chest it will go into the player's inventory.

The player will need use a different key to unlock each treasure chest.

Location Edit

Different treasure chests are located on different islands later in the game.

Iron Keys unlock treasure chests in Dorado Mine.

Copper Keys unlock treasure chests in Archeon Temple Ruins.

Bronze Keys unlock treasure chests in Abundore Quarry.

There are two Iron Key treasure chests in Dorado Mine, and one chest in the storage shed behind the  Bullhorn Farm Tavern on Bullhorn Farm. There is also one in the Smuggler's Den at Dorado Mine.

The one on Accordia is only accessible once as part of Rudolf Taleweaver's quest mentioned above.

Initially, there are two Copper Key treasure chests in the Archeon Temple Ruins; one inside and one outside.

More treasure chests appear the further the player goes into the Archeon Temple.

There are three Bronze Key treasure chests in Abundore Quarry. There is one in the back of the cavern where the Beetle Boss resides.



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