The Vegetable Patch is found in the top right quadrant of Bullhorn Farm.

The player can access the Vegetable Patch if he or she pays Billy Bullhorn.

It cost 20 Coins to access the Vegetable Patch.

Once Billy Bullhorn is paid the player can collect up to six of each of the two crops growing for the day.

The Vegetable Patch is only open 6am to 8pm.

The Vegetable Patch may also be referred to as the Bullhorn Pick Ur-Veg on notices.

The crops grown in the Vegetable Patch may be required material for crafting certain items at the Bullhorn Farm Windmill.

Below is the schedule for the crops being grown at the Vegetable Patch:

  • Only three days appear on the Vegetable Patch sign at one time.
  • The rotation repeats every four days.
Vegetable Patch Schedule
First Crop Second Crop
Day One
Wheat Tomato
Day Two
Tomato Carrot
Day Three
Carrot Corn
Day Four
Corn Wheat



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