The Warrior District is one of the districts located on Accordia.

It is positioned in the bottom-left corner of Accordia to the left of the Trader District.

Below is the process to rebuild the Warrior District:

  1. Repair the Warrior Bridge.
  2. Build a Crew House for the warrior.
  3. Hire the warrior John Swiftblade.
  4. Defeat 25 Dark Gnomes and recapture escaped fugitives to gain experience points for the warrior, so he will be ready to level up as soon as the Warrior Academy has been rebuilt..
  5. Complete quests from Emelia Quickblade until she finally rewards the player with the Swordfighting Crest and instructs the player to rebuild the Warrior Academy.
  6. Click on the ruins of the old Warrior Academy in the Warrior District on Accordia. Plan ahead by storing the items needed in the warehouse as they are acquired. More information is on the Warrior Academy page.
  7. Level up John Swiftblade in the Warrior Academy. He will be unavailable for 24 hours while he is in training.
  8. When these tasks are complete, Emelia Quickblade's quest will have a green check on it.
  9. At this point if the player returns to Emelia, he/she will be given the Archeon Sea Map.



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