The Whiseman Reef University is located on Whiseman Reef in the top-right quadrant.

It is residence to a few non-playable characters, and has a four main rooms.

Animal Identification Edit

The room in the front-left is where Cuthbert Pawmaster resides for the player to visit to identify land animals. Photos of land animals can be shown to Cuthbert Pawmaster and be added to the Animal Identification quest photobook.

Professor Hardback Edit

The room in the back-left is where Professor Hardback resides behind a desk in front of bookshelves. He is first approached by the player because Emelia Quickblade sends the player on a quest to speak to him.

Decorations Edit

The room in the back-right is where sculptures and statues are sold. Some of the items you can buy are varying types of Seabeard Statues, which are outdoor decorations. The stock changes everyday.

IdentifEye 5000 Edit

The room in the front-right is where the IdentifEye 5000 is located for the player to identify artifacts. It requires Etta Cornelius to be on the player's crew to operate the machine. Placing Mud Clods in the IdentifEye 5000 will start identifying them and turn them into artifacts. It takes 2 hours for the IdentifEye 5000 to identify the artifact inside the Mud Clod.

Professor Crucible and Priscilla Noble are two non-playable characters that reside in the room. They sometimes give out side-quest missions to the player.



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