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Winthrop Winkelvoss can be found standing next to the Council Mandates sign on Larona Village.

When approached Winthrop Winkelvoss says:

  • "Ho! you look like a fine, upstanding citizen. The kind that likes to participate in municipal affairs!."
  • "Well I have good news for you - we have recently installed this new Council Mandate board."
  • "It allows each of us to request changes in behaviour of their fellow citizens."
  • "Want cheaper shop prices? A better range of vegetables at the farm?"
  • "Perhaps you want those Grout Brothers to build a little more quickly?"
  • "Well you've come to the right place!"
  • "Just tap on the board to get started, and set your instructions accordingly!"

The Winthrop Winkelvoss then stops speaking and remains standing next to the Council Mandate board.



  • Winthrop Winkelvoss was introduced as content in Game Update 1.4.1 on February 17, 2015.

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