Woodwork recipes can be crafted using the woodcutter at Woodcutt Isle.

Woodwork Recipes Edit

Recipes listed below can be learned from Leland Woodchuck at Woodcutt Isle.

Type Name Recipe Cost Ingredients Trade Price Craft Time
Building Materials Wood Plank 100 Driftwood (3) 20 30m
Building Materials Rockdust Plank 1250 Wood Plank (2)

Rock Golem Powder (1)

250 6h15m
Simple Toys Spinning Top 250 Driftwood (1)

Red Paint (1)

60 1h15m
Simple Toys Cow Doll 300 Wood Log (1)

Purple Paint (1)

70 1h30m
Simple Toys Fancy Boat Toy 350 Wood Plank (1)

Red Paint (1)

70 1h45m
Simple Toys Combotant Toy 375 Reinforced Wood Piece (1)

Wood Log (1)

Screw (1)

75 1h52m
Fancy Toys Toy Unicorn 350 Driftwood (2)

Narwal Horn (1)

Yellow Paint (1)

70 1h45m
Fancy Toys Monster Doll 425 Wood Log (2)

Green Paint (1)

85 2h08m
Fancy Toys Russian Doll 450 Wood Log (2)

Yellow Paint (1)

Red Paint (1)

90 2h15m
Fancy Toys Seabeard Doll 600 Wood Log (2)

Purple Paint (1)

Screw (1)

120 3h
Statues Beaver Statue 225 Driftwood (1)

Wood Log (1)

Wood Plank (1)

45 1h08m
Statues Scaretue 1700 Wood Log (1)

Wooden Block (1)

Rockdust Plank (1)

340 8h30m
Weirdwood Carpentry Weirdwood Plank Weirdwood (3) 40 1h
Weirdwood Carpentry Iron-bound Weirdwood Weirdwood Plank (3)

Iron Bar (1)

250 6h 15

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The Player can use pearls to speed up the crafting process.

The Windmill only has one allotted slot for crafting at a time unless the player pays 50 pearls to open up another slot. The third slot costs 100 pearls. The fourth 200 pearls.

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